Our Services

Where finding a home is made easy

We assist the elderly population in making sure they can receive ample care and assistance as they enjoy their golden years. We offer a wide range of care facilities depending on your senior’s required level of care.


24/7 Facilities

Providing quality facilities to ensure your loved one’s safety

With the need for quality care and safety for your elderly loved ones, we at Ease Placement will make sure to help you find a facility that is not only safe but also an enjoyable place for your loved ones to spend most of their time in.


Primary Care Physician (PCP)

Bringing you closer to the experts of medical care

It can be difficult for our elderly loved ones to stay on top of all their health-related needs due to physical or cognitive limitations that may come naturally with aging. Here at Ease Placement, we will ensure your elderly loved ones have access to professional medical care at all times by helping them find a physician who can address their needs while also arranging transportation services on days where they have medical appointments.


Veteran’s Benefits

Helping our veterans learn more about their benefits

Let us help give back to our brave veterans by helping them and their families have access to all of their benefits ranging from veteran’s disability, pension, and more.


Government Assistance

Helping you save while your loved ones receive quality care

Ease Placement is here to help you and your loved ones have access to different care facilities and care services that will fit your budget and needs by contacting local government agencies and insurance companies because we believe everybody should have access to quality health care services that will allow them to live a long and happy life.